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Designer Frames

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We have an extensive selection of eyewear including the latest styles in designer sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses in our Burlington, MA optometry practice – also serving patients from nearby Concord & Lexington, MA

It’s very important to make sure your prescription is current. If you have not had an eye exam with an optometrist in the past year, please schedule an appointment with one of our doctors. Our eye doctors will also check for other eye conditions and your overall vision health.

Also, make sure that whatever style you choose, that your sunglasses offer UV protection. Please feel free to ask our optometrists or opticians any questions about our selection of frames.

Here are just some of the lines we offer:

Eye doctor, pair of Adidas sunglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts,

Adidas eyewear is known for using outstanding technology for top performance and perfect vision, particularly for sports enthusiasts.

Optometrist, man wearing Silhouette eyeglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

Silhouette, the leading manufacturer of rimless frames, was first launched by Anneliese and Arnold Schmied in Austria in 1964.

Optometrist, man and woman wearing Calvin Klein eyeglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

One of the most recognized fashion brands in the world, Calvin Klein, founded in 1968, features modern, timeless apparel and accessories.

Optometrist, woman wearing Coach sunglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

The Coach collection offers a variety of shapes – round, cat-eyed, oversized – with custom-designed acetates and high-definition treatments.

Eye doctor, Man wearing Gant sunglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

Gant Eyewear offers a modern, classy look; classic American style with a European touch.

Eye doctor, Woman wearing Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

Dolce and Gabbana are arguably the most powerful and influential designers of our time.

Optometrist, woman wearing Burberry eyeglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

This iconic brand was founded in 1856 by 21-year-old dressmaker Thomas Burberry.

Eye doctor, woman and man wearing Easyclip Eyeglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

Designed for the active person requiring fashionable, durable eyewear indoors and out.

Optometrist, man and woman wearing Emporio Armani eyeglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

Modern and in trend, the frames represent a fun and playful style with a hint of sporty design.

Optometrist, woman wearing Kate Spade eyeglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

The eyewear collection is designed with the classic, elegant, and feminine styling that is so unique to Kate Spade.

Optometrist, woman wearing Giorgio Armani sunglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

Inspired by street-chic culture and dance music, it is targeted as the more accessible Armani brand.

Eye doctor, woman wearing Gucci Eyeglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

Gucci eyewear collection is a perfect blend of Italian tradition and luxury with shapes and styles for men and women.

Optometrist, woman  wearing Juicy Couture sunglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

Juicy Couture was started in California in 1995 by two friends: Gela Nash and Pamela Skaist-Levy.

Optometrist, woman wearing Diva eyeglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

Diva is a true luxury eyewear collection that was first created in 1990 by Italian Designer Antonio Coffen.

Eye doctor, woman wearing Jimmy Choo sunglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

Jimmy Choo, the icon of accessories maintains his glamorous appeal with top end eyewear.

Eye doctor, Man wearing Polo Ralph Lauren Sunglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

Timeless style with modern appeal. From oversized styling to glamorous vintage looks there is something for everyone.

Optometrist, woman wearing Guess Sunglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

Guess Eyewear continues that tradition with fashion-forward designs for men and women who seek glamorous luxury and innovative style.

Optometrist, man and woman wearing Police Sunglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

If you are looking for eyewear that is unique, sexy, edgy and goes a little bit beyond fashion to express its’ own personality, look no further.

Optometrist, Woman wearing Prada Eyeglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

Prada is known for sophisticated style, innovation and quality and is a trendsetter in the international fashion world.

Eye doctor, pairs of Nike Eyewear sunglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

US-based Nike is the worlds largest athletic company. The Nike mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

Optometrist, pair of Valentino Sunglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

Established in 1960 by Valentino Garavani and his business partner Giancarlo Giammetti, Valentino is a major player on the fashion scene.

Eye doctor, women wearing Takumi Eyeglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

For those who understand that true beauty often originates in the details. One-of-a-kind styles that feature magnetic polarized sun clips.

Eye doctor, pair of Helium Paris eyeglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

The Helium Paris collection is chic and distinctive, created for the trend-setting individual with a flair for contemporary high fashion.

Optometrist, pair of Jaguar eyeglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

Jaguar eyewear is marked by its impeccable quality and craftsmanship, down to the smallest details and subtleties in color.

Eye doctor, woman wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

Founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb, the first Ray Ban sunglasses were created for the U.S. Army Air Corp.

Eye doctor, pair of Match eyeglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

Match Eyewear, LLC provides eyewear for men, women, teens, and kids. It offers sun wear.

Optometrist, woman wearing Modo Sunglasses in Burlington, Massachusetts

Modo is an industry pioneer in manufacturing stylish and beautiful eyewear with a purpose.

  • Adidas
  • Burberry Color
  • Calvin Klein Collection
  • Coach
  • Diva
  • D&G
  • Easyclip
  • Emporio Armani
  • Gant
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Gucci
  • Guess?
  • Helium
  • Jaguar Eyewear
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Juicy Couture
  • Kate Spade
  • Match
  • Modo
  • Nike Eyewear
  • Police
  • Polo Color
  • Prada
  • Ray-Ban
  • Silhouette
  • Takumi
  • Valentino